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Sept 30 , 2009 – Final “Weather in a Tank” Meeting, intended to discuss possible future plans.

Jan 11-15, 2009
AMS 89th Annual Meeting in Phoenix18th Symposium on Education:  Amit Tandon (U Mass Dartmouth) presented  our project with a poster entitled: Engaging undergraduates in Ocean-Atmosphere experiments: From teaching to research and outreach.” Carter Chamberlain, a student from U Mass Dartmouth, also presented  a poster- entitled Illustrating Stratified Ekman Upwelling with Weather in a Tank“- see photo. Both posters were very well received.

Past Meetings:

Dec 18 and 19, 2008
– Our annual meeting involving all collaborating partners was held at MIT on Thursday and Friday December 18 and 19, 2008- see here for more details.

Jan 20-25 , 2008: AMS 88th Annual Meeting in New Orleans
Our project was presented in an oral presentation and three posters at the 17th Symposium on Education – see here.

Dec 18 , 2007 – Annual Meeting

Jan 8-9 , 2007 – Kickoff Meeting